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Elections in Ireland, where the polls stood at the head of the Sinn Fein and FF






General elections

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None would get the absolute majority. The message Sinn Fein has permeated a good part of irish society. Varadkar (FG) and Martin (FF) agree that they will not form Government with Sinn Fein.


Elecciones generales en Irlanda. Foto: EFE

General elections in Ireland. Photo: EFE

Elecciones en Irlanda, donde los sondeos sitúan a la cabeza al Sinn Fein y al FF

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The polling centres of Ireland are hosting a general election in which the prime minister, the christian democrat Leo Varadkar, not part as a favorite, despite the good performance of the economy and its successful management of the brexit.

The electorate, of just over three million, choose from the 516 candidates to the 160 deputies who will form the Lower House (Dail) during the next five years.

The polls during the campaign ahead of the head – virtually tied – the centrist Fianna Fail (FF), led by Micheal Martin, and the left-wing Sinn Fein, former political arm of the now dormant Irish Republican Army (IRA), while none obtained the absolute majority.

Within walking distance is situated the Fine Gael of Varakar, whose party has nine years in power, although he took the reins of the Executive of Dublin three years ago, becoming the first head of Government to openly gay.

Since the general elections of 2016, the christian democrats govern in a minority with a group of independent deputies, after the FF is committed to the support of successive budgets in general, and to abstain in key votes, including motions of censure against the Government.

Martin, as the leader of the opposition, offered help to its main rival, the party with which the centrists have been handed out power for decades, for that Varadkar could deal with stability with the challenges of brexit for this country.

The leader of the FF now has said that, if you win these elections without a majority, would accept the same type of support on the part of the FG and, even, the possibility of forming a grand coalition with the christian democrats, with him as taoiseach (prime minister).

The counting of the votes will not begin until Sunday

Despite these appeals to the understanding, both politicians have been strongly attacked during the campaign.

Varadkar and Martin, yes agree that they will not form coalition with Sinn Fein, which still relate to the campaign of terror developed by his former armed wing, the IRA, during the past conflict in northern ireland.

Also consider that its politics are populist and likely to harm the economy, but the message antiausteridad of their leader, Mary Lou McDonald, has caught on among a good part of irish society.

In addition, McDonald’s is more attractive to the electorate than his predecessor in office, the historic leader Gerry Adams, then representing a new generation of nationalists no links with the IRA.

The polling stations will close at 22:00 hours GMT, but the count of the votes from the 40 constituencies of ireland will not begin until Sunday morning at 09:00 hours.

The first interim results could be known by mid-afternoon, although the final may be delayed for days, given the complexity of the electoral system of ireland, transfer of vote.

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The coronavirus cause in China other 254 deaths and more than 15,000 new infected







Epidemic Covid-19

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These deaths have occurred in the focus of the epidemic, after they have changed the criteria for counting the infected.

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The coronavirus has claimed in China in the last 24 hours other 254 deaths while 15.152 people have been confirmed as infected bringing the total number of deaths by the epidemic to 1.367 and the cases, 59.805, has informed this Thursday the National Commission of Health.

In Hubei province, focus of the epidemic, have recorded 254 deaths and 14.840 new cases, after today will change the criteria for counting the infected by the disease.

This represents the highest number of deaths recorded in a single day in that province, whose record of daily deaths was reached on the 10th of February with 103, although the press officer tries to calm the situation by ensuring that everything is due to the new criteria.

The authorities of that province have explained that now to be included in the calculations, “to those patients who have been clinically diagnosed”. Until now, the cases were confirmed by means of tests conducted with equipment that were scarce in the province, and the new criteria will give more powers to doctors to diagnose infections of the COVID-19-new official name of the disease-.

Although they have not been made public many more details about these new guidelines, the representatives of the provincial Executive in charge of the sanitary affairs ensured that will allow “patients to receive a treatment in time.”

To date, all of the deaths less than two-in the Philippines and Hong Kong – have occurred in mainland China and, although thirty countries have diagnosed cases of pneumonia, Wuhan, China accounts for around 99 % of those infected.

The symptoms of novel coronavirus is in many cases similar to those of a cold, but they can come accompanied by fever and fatigue, dry cough, and dyspnea (difficulty breathing).

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Sanders wins the Democratic Party’s primary in New Hampshire







United States

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Senator leftist has achieved 26% of the delegates, in so much that Pete Buttigieg, winner in Iowa, he has gained 24.4 %.


Bernie Sanders, al igual que Buttigieg y el resto de candidatos, miran ya a Nevada. Foto: EFE.

Bernie Sanders, like Buttigieg and the rest of the candidates, they are looking already to Nevada. Photo: EFE.

Sanders gana las primarias del Partido Demócrata en Nuevo Hampshire

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The senator left-wing Bernie Sanders has won this Tuesday the primaries of the Democratic Party in the State of New Hampshire (united States), ahead of Pete Buttigieg, according to projections from the american media.

With an 88 % screened, Sanders has obtained the 26 % of delegates, while Buttigieg has achieved 24.4 per cent. In third position has been senator Amy Klobuchar (19,8 %), in fourth the also senator Elizabeth Warren (9.3 per cent), and fifth vice-president Joe Biden (8.4 percent).

Sanders has held a victory tighter than expected, in a State in which in 2016 received a 60 % of the vote compared to Hillary Clinton. “Our campaign will not only win a Trump; you are going to transform the united States,” he said, before hundreds of followers.

4.000 votes of difference between Sanders and Buttigieg

The difference between Sanders and Buttigieg is of little more than 4,000 votes (69.956 to 65.649), a margin that, during a large part of the count, has made fear a scenario of a technical draw similar to that of the Iowa caucus.

In fact, according to the projections, Sanders and Buttigieg will be 9 delegates each one of the 24 that had in game this Tuesday in New Hampshire. The other six will be for Klobuchar, not having reached or Warren or Biden the threshold of 15 %.

If you confirm this distribution, and added to the already assigned in Iowa, Buttigieg lideraría the overall delegates, with 23, followed by Sanders, 21, Warren, with 8, Klobuchar, with 7, and Biden, with 6.

The next stops of the democratic primary will be Nevada and South Carolina, the next 22 and February 29. Are two States demographically more diverse, in the sense that they can be recorded different results to those of Iowa and New Hampshire.

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Salvini loses the immunity and will be prosecuted by preventing the disembarkation of migrants









The Senate has approved removing the immunity is the leader, far-right and, therefore, will be judged by prevent the disembarkation of migrants rescued in the Mediterranean.

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The Italian Senate has approved this Wednesday to remove the immunity of the leader of the far-right League, Matteo Salvini, for their handling of immigration when he was minister of the Interior in the coalition Government with the Movement 5 Stars (M5S), as reported by the EFE news agency, citing official sources.

Salvini will have to sit in a court and answer for their policies of closed ports and to prevent migrants saved disembark in Italy, holding them for days locked in the ships of the NGOS that were rescuing.

In particular, the case for the Salvini will have to defend itself dates back to last July, when the then minister of the Interior prevented from reaching Italy 131 migrants saved in the Mediterranean and remained on board a vessel of the Italian Coast Guard for five days.

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