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Trump ‘recognized specifically what was going on’ in Ukraine, states Giuliani associate



Donald Trump “recognized exactly what was going on” in a scheme to stress Ukrainian officials to examine Joe Biden, according to an associate of the head of state’s individual legal representative Rudy Giuliani.

Lev Parnas, a business person and Republican donor arraigned for project money offenses, made the eruptive claims during an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Wednesday evening.

When Parnas remained in Ukraine, trying to push Ukrainian officials to aid dig up dirt on Joe Biden and his boy Seeker, he was doing so in behalf of the head of state and also Giuliani, Parnas stated, speaking with his attorney at his side.

Parnas claimed: “I got on the ground doing their job.”

Parnas likewise said various other participants of the Trump management learnt about the Ukraine stress campaign. He claimed William Barr, the attorney general, “was essentially on the group”. As well as the previous nationwide safety adviser John Bolton, that just recently indicated he would testify in the Us senate impeachment trial if he was summoned, also “100%” found out about the plan, Parnas said.

The level of Trump’s participation in a claimed scheme to stress Ukrainian officials will go to the heart of the impeachment trial, which will certainly begin following week. Trump has actually denied transgression.

On Tuesday, Residence private investigators released a trove of text messages, notes and other files obtained from Parnas’s lawyers. The documents include a letter Giuliani sent requesting a private meeting with Volodymyr Zelenskiy, after that Ukraine’s president-elect. The request was made with Trump’s “expertise and also authorization”, Giuliani composed.

House prosecutors are expected to existing recently obtained evidence from Parnas over the course of the test, which can unearth new proof of misbehavior by Trump.

In support of Giuliani, Parnas said he told a Ukrainian authorities that unless the administration revealed an objective to examine the Bidens, Mike Pence would not go to the Zelenskiy’s launch. The next day, “to my awareness”, claimed Parnas, Trump contacted us to inform Ukrainian officials that Pence would certainly cancel his trip to Ukraine.

Holding back army help to Ukraine in order to turn up the stress was something Trump “decided to do” after authorities continuously stood up to announcing examinations into the Bidens, Parnas said.

Trump has actually urged he did not know Parnas and Igor Fruman, one more Giuliani partner, who was fingered along with Parnas for making unlawful campaign donations. Images uploaded by Parnas to Facebook reveal himself and also Fruman with Trump as well as president’s eldest kid, Donald Trump Jr. Trump claimed: “It’s possible I have a photo with them due to the fact that I have a picture with everyone.”

Yet the president “existed”, Parnas informed Maddow. “Me and also him didn’t enjoy football video games with each other; we didn’t consume hot dogs. But he recognized specifically who I was.”

Parnas likewise stated he was with Giuliani when he got on the phone with the head of state. At times, Giuliani took the calls on speaker phone. Other times, Trump was speaking so noisally Parnas could overhear the dialogue also when the speaker feature was turned off, he described to Maddow.

” I intend to obtain the reality out due to the fact that I feel it is essential for the country,” Parnas claimed. “I think it is necessary for the world to know what occurred.”

Freshly released text in between Parnas and the Trump benefactor Robert Hyde likewise imply that Marie Yovanovitch, the extensively reputable US ambassador to Kyiv whom Trump bought gotten rid of from her message in April, was being surveilled. In the messages, Hyde hinted he might arrange for Yovanovitch to be removed, for a cost. Taking into account these revelations, former diplomats and legislative Democrats have actually requested for an examination into whether Yovanovitch was being kept track of.

Parnas said he did not think Hyde was being significant, or that the ambassador was ever before in real danger. Parnas had satisfied Hyde at the Trump resort in Washington. “He was a regular at bench,” he claimed, explaining Hyde as a “odd person”.


After his retirement, Iker Casillas plans to be the president of the Spanish football




The former goalkeeper of the Spanish team Iker Casillas plans to stand for election to the presidency of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), reported Wednesday the Spanish newspapers.

Boxes reported to the Higher Sports Council (CSD) Spanish his intention to stand for election for the RFEF, told radio Cadena Ser in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday.

According to this means, check Boxes, “the decision has been made to appear to the elections and so reported to the president of the CSD, and secretary of State for Sport, Irene Lozano. Contacted by the AFP, the CSD is not made for now no comment.

The daily AS said on its part, citing sources of the CSD, that there was a “meeting between Lozano and Boxes”. According to the Spanish site their sources “have not clarified if in the course of the same Boxes he expressed his clear desire to stand for election to the presidency of the RFEF”, although the goalkeeper of Porto was interested to know if there will be or not advancement the ballot, that would point to his desire to attend the same.

The Catalan daily Mundo Deportivo also informs of the meeting of Boxes with the CSD by stating that “it was Casillas who claimed that summit”. The name of the Spanish goalkeeper as an opponent of the current president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, in the elections to federal sounds since the end of last year.

The elections, which still have not been summoned, should be held, in accordance with the regulations in force, in the second half of the year, after the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

However, the current direction of federal has requested the CSD adelantarlas the first half claiming the celebration of the european Championship from 12 June to 12 July.

After being discharged, the Spanish -champion of the Portuguese league 2017/18 and the Spanish Super cup 2018 with his current club – as he did not return to play.

Currently, form part of the executive staff of the Porto. Its function is that of manager and have the objective to establish the links between the players, the coach and the club’s officers. It is not excluded that, in future, be able to add new responsibilities.

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He grew up under the dictatorship Korean and took personal experiences to tell the story “Parasite”: the life of Bong Joon-ho before the glory at the Oscars




Although fluent in English, Bong refused to talk about it in this awards season, and went to his translator in each delivery. In Korean, thanked and was excited, and even he dedicated to Martin Scorsese his prize staff, in recognition that ended with the entire film industry applauding standing, their top idol, who came to the Oscars with The irish.

The soul of the Parasite is its director, the man of the moment: Bong Joon-ho has just opened a new chapter in the seventh art, and his career came to a standstill to middle age.

Born in the bosom of a middle-class family in south korea says that he grew up watching channel of the united States Armed Forces in Korea. Before entering the university to study Sociology, had his passage through the mandatory military service while the country was under a military dictatorship. It is said that Bong faced the police armed and throwing molotov cocktails, while flirting with the film academy.

In those years of college was the guardian of a teenage boy from a millionaire family, as is the case with the character of Parasite played by actor Choi Woo-Shik. “I imagined what would happen if you bring my friends to that house,” said Joon-ho some months ago to the magazine Vanity Fair. Even if the first job does not last too long -it was two days because they talked much-she served as material for his future film.

Fanatic of the cinema of Alfred Hitchcock, Bong took many elements of Psychosis to the film Parasite: the staircase of the mansion of the Park was inspired by the home of the Bates.

Parasites is a film to see many times because it portrays a world that we all know in any place of the world where we live and that many times is overlooked. It speaks to us of human relationships between families, between social classes of the despair that leads to not having money, of the need to maintain a certain status. It also shows the poverty with its craftiness and vivezas, the stoked used to draw a minimal slice of a cake that always plays the part of girl.

And it shows the rich who live in the bubble of opulence, and that by this condition can be easily fooled. Speaking of submission, of deception, of disappointment, of despair, of fear, of discrimination, of class division and family roles. You can be in South Korea, Argentina, Norway or Singapore. Are issues that we go through to all of them full of contact points in a universal way.

With more than 20-year career, the films of Bong not just at the beginning. But without a doubt Parasite inaugurated a series of projects in unexpected directions by the director a decade ago. HBO is preparing under his wing and executive produced by Adam McKay (Succession) a limited series about the film winner of the Oscar.

Bong highlighted in several interviews that, in its history, there are many loose ends for you to discover in several characters. “I know why the housewife above gets hit in the face the night of the storm-confided in an interview with The Wrap-. With the television series on Parasite I think that we will be able to create a film, expanded high-quality”.

Joon-ho also pointed out that it has many other hidden stories that was stored during the shooting of the film. Was encouraged to move forward that could tell the link of this woman with the architect of the mansion and how she knew the underground bunker. The rumors about the cast started to roll after the delivery of the Oscar, and the name of Mark Ruffalo was one of those who is mentioned as a possible part of the cast.

Prior to the release of Parasite, Bong was working on two projects: one in Korean and another in English. The first is set in Seoul, and is a mixture of genres (horror and a lot of action), while the other is a drama based on a fact, true occurred in 2016, from which they had come with nothing more than locations: United Kingdom, and the united States.

What is instructed to say Bong is that it does not enter never in the universe of superheroes. “I don’t think that Marvel wants a director as I -said in the podcast The Big Ticket-, I don’t expect any offer from them. I don’t think Marvel and I are suited for each other”.

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The scientific dissemination will miss the most small: we have shown that it is a mistake to




For decades, the institutions work to promote scientific vocations among the students pre-university. However, it is curious that the stage of Education for Children (until 6 years old) left out of these efforts. There are very few educational practices and initiatives that consider children as subjects of their disclosure strategies.

The reasons are multiple. For a start, the collective imaginary has been established gradually an idea was distorted and impoverished childhood, building a perception puerilizada of the same: “The creatures do not understand anything”.

This thought is reinforced by the fact that the child does not have, at these ages, a domain of instrumental reading, writing and calculation, which presents an added challenge to learning science. It is a topic that is considered too complex for the capabilities of learning of pupils of Children. Therefore, it is advisable to approach it in later stages.

Those who think so forget that science is also a method, critical thinking, and even values. Also forget that neuroscience shows us the enormous plasticity of the brain at these ages; it reveals that, according to the stimulation that you offer to boys and girls, will have a neural network that is more or less rich. A person 4 years does not need to understand in all its complexity, the Theory of General Relativity, but is itself able to assume that science is able to radically change the way you think.

If it is rare to find initiatives of scientific dissemination in childhood, it is much more difficult to find practices in the early childhood classrooms that will disclose the work of science from a gender perspective.

To this end, the research group Impacts of the University of Córdoba we designed the project Infaciencia: girls of today the scientists of tomorrow, which runs from 2017. With it, we hope to:

In these two years we have worked with ten early Childhood Education centers, Elementary and Special Education, and concerted public, Cordoba and Seville. We have managed to bring science closer to 513 school 3 to 6 years, and Special Education. The total number of participants, if we add parents, teachers, and professors is 951. Nearly a thousand people of all ages, from schools, teacher training centres and the university itself, determined to show that it is possible to consider science nothing more to enter the school.

Our experiment informative and has allowed the pupils to investigate for yourself the life and work of 15 scientific professional fields, ranging from primatology to archaeology, through the biology and chemistry. After that, they presented their results in the giant book of The scientific with the eyes of childhood.

The most important thing is that we have been allowed to put to the test active learning methodologies with the teachers and students in training. We have obtained evidence that experience science with the creatures works.

As a conclusion, we can say that the boys and girls of 3 to 6 years old can and should explore the science. To do this can take advantage of their natural curiosity and their particular way of being in the world in imagining creative alternatives and explore new ways to conquer knowledge, unknown.

Make an inquiry science from early Childhood Education allows the smaller ones to be placed differently to the knowledge. Also to gain confidence, to understand that research is a human activity, contextual, and collective. Therefore, they will assume from an early age that have to be viewed not only as consumers of knowledge, but have the challenge of generating new knowledge.

In these ages, that is when they are defining their identity, they can not usurp the right to forge a conception of science to an inclusive one that incorporates the female talent. Must study the value of women who have had to overcome multiple obstacles in order to occupy a space in the science, traditionally reserved for men. Offer scientific models, female will seduce girls to identify with women exciting, who will act as role models. So I open windows for dreaming up new professional horizons, away from social norms and sexist.

By Rosario Mérida Serrano (Professor of Didactics and School Organization, University of Cordoba).

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