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OMG!!! Prince Charles ‘snubs’ VP Mike Pence !!



That was quite humiliating! While at the World Holocaust Forum, Prince Charles refused to shake Mike’s Pence hand. All caught on video camera!

Checking out the video, it shows that Pence was definitely suprised that something like that happened to him on this mayor event in Israel.

The clip reveals Prince Charles just swerving the USA vice president when he tried to handshake. What made it also worse was that the British royal was with very important people from around the globe, shaking their hands individually.

When it was Pence’s turn, Charles looked him right in the eyes and just avoided him to welcome the Israeli Prime Minister. Benjamin Netanyahu.

Regardless of what the video shows, Pence’s press assistant, Katie Waldman have both refuted that Prince Charles was attempting to shade Pence.

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“I don’t want this”: the book that explains with drawings the prevention of violence




Merlina Chocarro is a designer who gives workshops on the prevention of violence. The delivery to different people, there came a moment when they were separated from their ideas and came to life through a book.

With this book, he discovered an important part, which was to know not only the problems that exist in society, but also mirror them by means of illustrations.

These drawings took control of their courses: were workshops, talks or workshops.

In an interview with Infobae Mexico, Merlina explained the process of how was the creation of the book, his development and why he decided to do it independently.

MerCh is the pseudonym that I chose as a writer/editor. My name is Merlina Chocarro, Argentina. I am 41 years old. I’m a Graphic Designer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), freelance work as a designer, and I am voluntary of the Popular Library of Matheu Our America from 2015.

Tell me please, how did the idea of making the book? and what is the purpose of it?

The book is called I don’t want this. It is a material that arises from the experience of giving workshops in different fields. These workshops are dynamic, charlados, conversados.

With the passage of time I was doing graphics, drawings, and I was translating a workshop that was the prevention of violence.

What are the characteristics of the book, why less text and more image?

I had prepared a document of everything that was in the workshop and in the margin I was making the drawings that help me to explain more graphically, the concepts that I wanted to dump , and I realized that it was much more effective because, thanks to the drawings I could jump cultural barriers, language barriers, training barriers.

There are many people who attended the picnic areas that are not literate or, for example, giving talks to primary to adult, there begin to be literate, to some people, then everything that has to do with drawing will be much more accessible. There was that I decided to make this book what it does is to translate all drawings or all of the possible drawings, or as much as possible to drawings.

What was your trigger staff to address the issue of violence?

This book is a tool that is valid to work in a group, individually, in schools, in the area of training. What is that it is a brief reading because there are 52 pages with very little text and simple explanations of how the structure, links with violent and allows you to that quickly, someone looking at the book, which hojé the book has an overview of the main concepts, that has to do with gender-based violence.

It is a tool that comes to fill a gap, because while there are many courses or workshops for prevention of violence, there are also protocols that feminist movements were developing. There are some schemes, there is material on the internet, but there was a book, a compilation of all that information and anyone could access.

We are talking about people who do not have internet, that don’t have resource and I thought it important to generate a material that, by its supports, being a book drawn, I will result that could be more accessible.

Where do you want to get the book?

I can imagine him in the principal libraries of the country, I imagine in the halls of first aid, in spaces of listening, in police stations, in a place that you could grab and in less than half an hour looking through and find some initial tips to work with and recognize in ourselves these structures that are working in our links.

I can imagine him in community spaces, in spaces of access when it comes to medical consultations, in schools, high schools, in dining rooms, picnic areas. I would like to keep it in a low price, but that goes beyond my technical knowledge, of a designer.

This variant of making a book that is affordable, that is accessible. Launched independently to skip some prices added, which have to do with working with a publishing house. It is a first experience, we will see how it works, if it is possible to change independent to have a good arrival.

Also do not rule out in the future if it serves the material to make agreements with different agencies, or whatever that appears and that will allow this book to reach out to more people, if it works and if it is served. We hope that we can flood the country, the world, to change things.

The shutter staff has to do with a path passed in this life in which no one is exempt from being violated or to use violence, as I said before: even if we don’t want to, we often fall into that mode, is how we have been raised and that is what abounds on all sides.

Unfortunately, in the links, in institutions, in the whole interaction unfold structures of domination, subjugation, and I felt at a time in my life to change this.

First is a personal work is very large, then the collective work is the work of the library, and then this project comes to keep adding on to build a new relational model. There are a lot of people doing jobs, immense, in many places, silently, to change things and this is my input, also.

Where can I buy the book?

To buy the book, currently, is open to a campaign of joint financing in the page me that is a platform for joint financing. My sister helped me with one called, but I think that at the national level in Argentina does not work, because it is in dollars, plus card and I think that added taxes that do not favour them.

The page is going to be working until the 23rd of February at the end of the campaign, I hope I can pull it all together to finish the printing, and after that, when you print the books, I’m going to make a personal page in order to access to buy the book, it will be independently.

The book has a price differential, first costs 350 pesos, then when you print it is going to increase. The shipment is arranged with each buyer.

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Another impressive pole vaulting Armand Duplantis, the king of the heights: it took only a week to beat his own world record




Seven days of having achieved an impressive world record in pole vaulting, the Swedish Armand Duplantis broke his own mark with another sensational showing. This Saturday in Glasgow, the young man of 20 years jumped 6,18 meters, one centimeter more than the last Saturday in Torun (Poland). A result that reaffirms your profile figure in the face of the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

The actions of this young man who was born and grew up in the united States, but is competing for Sweden which is the country of his mother, are impressive but, above all, to the stars: his jump record was achieved at the first attempt, and with a naturalness that seems important, allowing to imagine that you can keep beating your own record in the not too distant future.

“Many things are necessary to make a big leap in the first place I think of my parents, who are there from my beginnings in the garden of the house. Are years of hard work, despite the fact that what today seem easy. Today I feel very good, fast and strong. I’m excited for this season with the Olympic Games, I hope to sign there to the best of my competition. It is a good start to the season, but it is in the Games where I want to succeed,” said Duplantis, who is trained by his father (technique) and her mother (physically), in dialogue with the BBC.

The best registry at the global level belonged to Renaud Lavillenie (6,16 meters in February 2014) until Duplantis overcame last week in Torun (Poland).

Duplantis now participate in the meetings of Liévin and Clermont (localities in French), which will be held on 19 and 23 February respectively. But we warned in his statements: their main goal is to five months, which are the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.

Already this Saturday in Glasgow made it clear that it has practically no rivals. Everything indicated that Armand Duplantis, runner-up in the outdoor world in October in Doha, I would have to deal with the world champion american Sam Kendricks, who jumped 6,01 meters last week.

But Kendricks did not get past the barrier of 5.75 meters. And the swede came into heat in the 5.50 meters before passing the 5.75 on the second attempt. Then he started the show: 5,84 meters, 6 meters, at the first attempt, a symbolic barrier in the discipline, and finally the record of the 6,18 meters.

After made known to the world by becoming champion of Europe in Berlin in August 2018, when he was only 18 years, the rise of Armand Duplantis was meteoric. You may not have a size of conventional who practise this sport (1,81 meters) but it is very fast and polished his technique to become an athlete willing to make a time.

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Three young men disappeared a month ago in Ecatepec: a pickup truck abandoned is the only trace that any of them




A little over a month, Maria del Pilar Oliva Avendaño of 23 years, Marian Lesli Flores Pacheco, 19 years old, and Megan Hernandez of 18 years came out to an unknown destination in Ecatepec, State of Mexico , and not became to know of them.

The three women are friends and they would have headed to a spa in Hidalgo on January 10, the next day, were seen for the last time on the whereabouts of buses next to the central de abasto of Ecatepec, where the saw boarding a black van and no longer returned to their homes.

A truck with features similar to the one you boarded, was found abandoned in a landscape of Nopaltec, State of Mexico, but of them not a single trace.

Young people, aged between 18 and 23 years of age, thin, with tattoos and single mothers, are some of the features they have in common Megan, Maria del Pilar and Marian, his family ensures that their children are safe that they would not have gone so long by their own discretion.

Alfonso Oliva, dad of Maria del Pilar recalls that on that day her daughter, who is divorced and is the mother of three children, said that he would go to the balneario Amajac to make up a dancer, so I went out early from his house in Geovillas of Newfoundland in the municipality of Acolman.

While Megan Renata Hernandez, mother of a baby, told his mother that he would go to a party without specifying the site. That day he left his home in the Heroes of san angel, and at night rose to their social networks a photograph where the three young men appeared in the spa before mentioned.

The families of the three young people waited for that to appear on Saturday the 11th, but it was not so, and so immediately they sent them messages and tried to communicate with them by phone without success, as their phones were switched off.

Megan’s mother, Gisela Ochoa, began to look also to the friends with whom their daughter appeared in the photo. When you get to the house of Mary of the Pillar, in Acolman, learned that she also was missing.

Subsequently, they contacted the mother of Mariana, who up to that time he learned where it was gone her daughter.

Every family tried to raise his certificate of search, but ensure it is a process complicated.

“I begin to raise a act, but they bring me from one side to the other, until the day Wednesday, I can pick up the record, until Wednesday, the Public Ministry (MP) of St. Augustine, because they told me that the MP of Cuautitlán, others told me that not that in Coacalco until finally I was sent to the MP of San Cristobal, finally I was sent to St. Augustine and that’s where finally I was able to lift”, said Hortensia Pacheco, the mother of Mariana.

The search that started the families took them to a truck shop and of the route Valley of Mexico, Ecatepec, where it localized to one person who knew one of the young people.

There lis showed a video in which allegedly shows that the three young people were there the morning of the 11th of January; however, after that there is no longer any sign of them.

Carmen Zamora, of the feminist collective Ehécatl warned about the disappearance of the three young people, who have characteristics and conditions similar, and recalled the case of the “Monsters of Ecatepec”, who would select victims with characteristics similar to those of these young people.

Three women together, they disappeared on the same day, this should alert the authorities”, he stressed.

Parents of the three young men, who claim that they would not leave without their children, sent a message of supplication.

I ask the person that has them, I ask in the name of God, that the leave to return because my little girl has his baby and think that if you have sons or daughters that you would do in my place. Baby you know that I love you with all my heart. You’re going to come back my babe, here I’ll be waiting to love you, trust in God, my love, trust in God,” said Hortensia Pacheco.

“That you know beforehand how much you love them how much needed to all your family that this is a torment, the torment, the largest that can exist, your mother your children your whole family,” said for his part, Alfonso Olive, father of Mary of the Pillar, the newspaper Excélsior.

Now ask only the authorities help them to find and investigate the bus line and a review of the video surveillance cameras.

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