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The romantic side of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and his girlfriend Fernanda Gómez



Despite keeping their relationship away from the spotlight, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez took advantage of this day of Valentine’s day to share a romantic postcard in your account of Instagram with his girlfriend and mother of his third daughter, Fernanda Gomez.

Pictured are the mexican boxer and her partner embraced in a heavenly beach, whose location they decided to keep in secret, accompanied by the phrase “Happy day for all”, which has to date received more than 655 thousand likes and more than 190 comments with congratulations from her fans.

In the same way, Fernanda corresponded to this display of affection with another image posted on the same social network that shows “Canelo” holding in their arms the beautiful guadalajara, while she hugs him and both facing the camera, making evident the great love that unites them.

It is worth mentioning that recently the fighter began to follow on Instagram to their wedding, which has attracted much attention. However, it is not the first time that published their adventures together, because if something have in common is their passion for travel. And is that have enjoyed unforgettable holidays in destinations such as Dubai, Thailand, The Bahamas, and the Maldives Islands.

Also, last February 11, She released another endearing moment with his family, this time during the recent celebration of the birthday of his daughter, Maria Fernanda, who graciously consented to as a princess. For such a special day the proud parents had prepared a feast inspired by the Swan Lake, and even the small Mafer, as he is called fondly, became a dancer.

A second chance at their Love story

Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Fernanda Gómez is a model that had already occupied the heart of the multi-champion of boxing.

However, the couple split in the spring of 2017, and Saul began a relationship with the also colombian model Shannon de Lima, former spouse of singer Marc Anthony. At the same time She announced that she was pregnant.

In mid-December, Fernanda gave birth in a private hospital in Los Angeles to Maria Fernanda, although never officially proclaimed the identity of the father.

A month later, he shared the first photo of their baby and wrote in his account of Instagram: “Already nearly a month in the most beautiful present he has given to me God and life I LOVE YOU my baby María Fernanda Álvarez Gómez”.

In October 2017, the ratio of “Canelo” and Shannon was cool and ended up dating. The rumors of a possible reconciliation between the boxer and Fernanda did not wait.

It was until July 2019 when Fernanda shared a new image of Saul embracing his daughter, revealing that they were back together.

Today there is no longer any doubt that the couple is taking their relationship, and apparently are very much in love.

A champion inside and outside the ring

Once again “El Canelo” showed his empathy with the social causes, now in pro of the children suffering from cancer, in his native Jalisco.

Through Twitter, the association Red Nose BC he asked for the support to the athlete, who did not hesitate to answer the call.

“Friend Canelo: you’ve helped a lot and today we need you more than ever to purchase medicine for children with cancer. Help us with your donation. We’re going to beat the cancer again. Thanks, champ”, was the publication of the association, which said the world boxing champion in four different categories.

“Yes, gladly. Now I tell them to talk with you to see what they need,” said the professional of 29 years, all of this through his official Twitter account.

This is not the first time that Alvarez empathizes with these causes, because in 2017, supported the victims of the earthquakes suffered in the centre of the country. Above, also with a Red Nose and helped in the construction of a hostel.

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López Obrador about the femicide of Fatima: “we must Fight all for a better society. I don’t see another way out”




The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, lamented the feminicide of Fatima, a girl of seven years old, whose body was found yesterday south of the City of Mexico, reiterated that his government is doing “everything she can to avoid it”, in addition to that he said, that the only out that “ve” to solve, is that “all fight for a better society”.

“Then I think that these topics that hurt too much, that affect much, have as a possibility for us to fight all for a better society, I don’t see another way out, because it is not produced neoliberalism as a crisis, resulted in a decline, something that affects all the orders of public life, not only is the economic crisis, not only is a crisis of social well-being, is a crisis of loss of values, then the regeneration, there is more to regenerate and not to go with half measures”, said the mexican head of state.

Lopez Obrador said that his government is doing everything“, which corresponds to avoid it”, but argued that it was a process of degradation progressive that had to do with the neo-liberal model.

“It is very unfortunate that this happens, and since then we are doing everything we can to avoid it, I think the most effective is to seek among all, and since then the government is the main responsible for applying a policy to have a better society, I argue that it fell into a decline, was a process of degradation progressive that had to do with the neo-liberal model, I’ve always said that you measured unemployment the economic growth, measured even by the number of murders, but it is not measured the degree of social decay that produced the neo-liberalism”.

Information on development

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The first electoral survey in Bolivia: the party of Evo Morales leads the intention to vote but would lose in the runoff




The former minister of Economy, Luis Arce Catacora, who is the presidential candidate of the party of Evo Morales, leads with 31.6 percent of the intended vote, the first electoral survey of the campaign in bolivia, less than three months of the vote. The applicant to the Executive branch would be so to a nine-point win in the first round, as their two main adversaries, the current president transient, Jeanine Añez, and the former president Carlos Mesa, who was second in the election overturned by a fraud of MORE, are not sufficient by now every one of the 20 per cent of the vote.

The first candidate endorsed by the former president Morales is convenient, since it removes a major difference to the ten points, and it is mainly attributed to the vote hard masismo and, in addition, the dispersion of the opponents of the previous representative, reflected in six other nominations.

According to the survey of Ciesmori, Luis Arce gets the first place with 31.6 percent, followed by the applicant Community Citizen, Carlos Mesa, with 17.2 per cent, the president and candidate of the alliance Together, Jeanine Añez, with 16.5 per cent. In the fourth place it is, with a 9.6 per cent, the aspirant to the Presidency by the alliance, we Believe, and a former civic leader, Luis Fernando Camacho, who was one of the leaders of the citizens ‘ mobilizations which led to the 10 of November of last year in the resignation of the former president, Evo Morales. Below are Chi Hyun, with 5.4 percent, and Jorge Quiroga, with 1.6 per cent. Among swing votes, null, and white adds a 16 per cent.

According to the query applied in the first week of February, the MOST wins in five of the nine departments of Bolivia and is second in three. Meanwhile, the president Añez expires in two Table in one and Camacho in one. With these survey results, the party of Evo Morales could get a majority in the Legislative Assembly.

The first reactions of the political representatives has been of satisfaction in the case of the masismo and criticism, confrontation and tension between the opponents of Morales.

The former senator of the MAS, Adriana Salvatierra, said in the network One television that despite the persecution he has suffered his party and the actions to dismantle it, remains the first political force in the country, with a territorial presence homogeneous, whereas their opponents only have any strength regional.

For his part, Ricardo Peace, the chief advisor of the candidate of Citizen Community, Carlos Mesa, was of the view that this survey shows that support for the MAS has been reduced and that that party has been weakened, but continues to be important and threatening.

“What the politicians have failed in terms of unity would now have to do the citizens, so as to concentrate the vote in a single application, as in the previous election. More than a valuable voting is a vote smart”, said Peace.

On his side, Edwin Herrera, of the alliance represented by the president Jeanine Añez, said that the candidacy of the woman is the one who seeks to truly drive the opposition to Morales. The survey shows that it is the one that tends to grow, as it does just three weeks is a candidate, said Herrera to the same television channel.

For his part, Erick Moron, of the alliance we Believe, which posits Luis Fernando Camacho, said that the campaign is just beginning and that the voters will know to concentrate and direct your support to the candidates in which you really trust, who are the ones that fought for truth to remove Evo Morales from power.

For the analyst Franklin Couples, this first survey shows that there are three political forces that really do compete for the Presidency: the MAS, Luis Arce, Together, from the president Jeanine Añez, and Community Citizen, of Carlos Mesa. Other two are important players, said, referring to the that you postulate to the former civic Luis Fernando Camacho and to south korea Chi Hyun. “In this election there is a force that is leaving the center to the left, which is the MOST, and two others, from the center to the right, which are the Añez and Table”, he said.

The more support we get in this first query, the candidate Luis Arce, the MAS, in The Peace, with almost 50 per cent of the respondents, in addition to Cochabamba, with 38 per cent, and Oruro, with 41 per cent.

In the nine capital cities of the country, in addition to the city of El Alto, Luis Arce, the MAS, you get 28 percent, followed by Carlos Mesa, with 20 percent. In the rural area, the candidate of the party of Evo Morales achieved the 45 percent, followed by Jeanine Añez, with 11 percent.

Voting with two candidates

The survey Ciesmori also asked their intention to vote between two candidates, which can serve as a reference if in case you were given a second round.

The interim president Jeanine Añez would with a 43.6 per cent to Luis Arce, that it would be 42.3 percent. In a scenario that is opposite to the candidate of the MAS with the CC, Maple would get 40.8 percent and Table 40.7 per cent. If you gauge the president in charge with the CC, Añez beat with a 33.8 per cent to Table, with a 30.3 per cent.

For the analyst Franklin Couples and Roger Cortez, although there is the possibility that Luis Arce win in the first round, by the sum of the invalid votes, the survey shows that 45 percent of respondents are still not decided his vote.

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The federal government condemned aggression against normalistas in Chiapas




After the clashes that occurred the morning of this Sunday, in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, in which local police officers launched tear gas against the students of Ayotzinapa, as well as the Normal Mactumactzá, apparently without any reason apparent, to both the holder of the Secretariat of the Interior, Olga Sánchez Cordero as the under-secretary of Human Rights, Alejandro Encinas, condemned the acts.

Equally condemned the aggression of which they were part of the Caravan of Parents of the 43 normalistas desaparecidos de Ayotzinapa in the chiapas state capital. While Holm requested the state government to the immediate attention of the injured persons and the investigation of cases, a couple of hours later, Sánchez Cordero upheld the conviction of holm Oaks, demanding that it be carried out the searches relevant.

During the course of the day and in relation to the conflict in which the local police seemed to have been caused to the Caravan, replegándolos and even wounding some women and children, local authorities argued at the time that the alleged confrontation was nothing more than a call to peace, as the students kept locked the Libramento North of Tuxtla Gutierrez.

In contrast, the version of a member of the Centre for human rights Montaña Tlachinollan, denied the official version, pointing out that as a companion of the parents of the normalistas disappeared, he had witnessed how riot police launched tear gas without any reason, it very close to the facilities of the Normal school premises.

The same companion reported the case of two normalistas that were serious, as well as the situation of a child of six years old, little sister of one of the students missing, as well as the mother of both. Between the shot that launched the policemen, were rubber bullets, which reached out to young people, being the social network the first channel for those who spread the allegations through the Fan Page “Press Ayotzi”.

What I was just going to be a student lunch at noon in the students rodearían of social organizations, at 08:00 hours (local time) became a spectacle of more than two hundred state troopers who were deployed in the place through armoured vehicles and, later, clothed after gas lacrímogenos that used to lash out against the community of students, mothers and parents.

It was in a latest press release where the community of parents spoke out against the violence that has been exercised by the State against them and since the disappearance of their children, in that they were supported by a large number of organizations, among them “Young to the National Emergency”, “Committee Pro 68 Pro Democratic Liberties” and the “Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity”.

Retreat immediately from the surrounding police, repudiation in the face of violence, the denunciation of the attacks and the demands before the state and federal government to ensure the free movement, the right to organize and protest, were some of the demands that the mothers and fathers of the 43 did.

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