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The rebuff of Floyd Mayweather to refuse a selfie with amateur mexican



During his career, Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. it has been characterized by a humble attitude, but rather the opposite. For this reason, the ex-boxer has been a constant times the lighting by the spotlight for the controversial attitudes that you have with your followers.

The last altercation you had was with a fan in the parking lot of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The incident began when a woman and a man approached the ex-fighter to take a photo.

Money made a gesture of displeasure at the request, and, with a gesture with the hand, asked not to approach him. It wasn’t even a second when a security guard of the ex-boxer threw the cell phone to the person that was filming with a blunt blow.

By this unpleasant moment, the woman published it in his account of Instagram the video of the assault of the guard. In addition, he explained the event in the description of the publication.

“Not everything that happens in Vegas should stay there. Is not that we are fans of him, he just tried to take a picture with him and so he reacted. I never thought I would be so filthy. Pal’ that you want to take photos with this vato, think twice. It is not like that I am his fan, but also I thought that it was just as culero”wrote the woman.

The video, which already has nearly 12,000 views on the social network, has several comments from people who shared their discomfort and empathy with the affected. “That asshole who’s who”, commented a user. “It is an animal, but not out to promote any fight go peeling the tooth,” said another.

“He knows that he is exposed to that people are to ask for a photo or autograph…all the artists or celebrities you know that are going to be recognized…this IS NOT THE WAY to REACT WELL TO A PERSON THAT I WANTED to ASK for A PHOTO!!!”, responded one user.

However, there were commentators who defended the ex-fighter. “The man was in his place, someone else comes along impertinent as you, and you record that way, it was logic to his reaction, on the contrary they were invading his privacy,” was the reply of a person.

“The guy is in his own, either in your place sends you to hell. Did you get recording boldly. Very well done, you have commanded the demon”, was the justification of a man.

It is not the first time this year that Mayweather is involved in a situation like that. According to the portal TMZ Sports, Ricco Kimborough, of 32 years, filed a complaint with the police of Miami Beach for an alleged assault of the security guards of the ex-boxer.

In a Miami hotel, Kimborough said he recognized Floyd standing with his security team in the position of valet in the morning of the first of February. The man asked for a photo of Mayweather, but this he rejected, saying: “what I can’t even have a good day?”.

Ricco says that the security team Floyd “took him away from Mayweather” while Floyd yelled: “I will hit You in the ass.” The man replied that if he beat him, would get all their money, possibly for a lawsuit.

Up until now, the boxer has not been pronounced by the imprudence of his body of security.

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Bernie Sanders denounced the homophobic attacks against his opponent in the democratic primary, Pete Buttigieg




Senator Bernie Sanders on Friday denounced the “outrageous” homophobic attacks launched against his opponent democrat Pete Buttigieg on the part of a famous radio announcer, close to the american president Donald Trump.

Figure of the sphere conservative american Rush Limbaugh mocked on Wednesday the former mayor of South Bend (Indiana) to refer to him as “this gay guy 37-year-old hugs her husband on stage.”

In addition, according to CNN, Limbaugh said that “the U.S. is not ready to have a president gay”, referring to the applicant a democrat.

These statements had even more impact because it came a few days after a tribute that Trump gave to the announcer. During his speech on the State of the Union address before the full Congress, last week, the President gave Limbaugh the “Medal of Freedom”, the highest civilian honour the country, and thanked him for his “decades of dedication” to the united States.

“As candidates we have disagreements, but personal attacks like these are unacceptable”, said Bernie Sanders.

“The comments homophobic Rush Limbaugh on Pete Buttigieg are outrageous and offensive. Together, we will end the divisions and the hatred sown by Donald Trump,” he added.

Pete Buttigieg did not respond directly to the attacks of the animator to be conservative. On Thursday, during a meeting with several of his voters in Las Vegas, simply limited himself to say: “I’m proud of my marriage; I am proud of my husband.”

Also on Thursday, Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, Tom Stir, and Pete Buttigieg urged latino voters to defeat president Donald Trump in the November elections near and put an end to its “disastrous” policies in a meeting organized in Las Vegas by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).

The forum brought together the democrats to talk about issues of interest to the almost half a million latinos were eligible to vote in Nevada in the caucus the next day 22.

Sanders is the favorite nationwide among latinos, with 30% of voting intentions, ahead of the 22% of Joe Biden and 11% for Elizabeth Warren, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center. The senator from Vermont intervened through video conference and he was emphatic when highlighting the need to unite against Trump.

“No matter who wins the nomination to candidacy as a democrat, we’ll all work together in a common effort to which Donald Trump does not pass a first mandate,”said Sanders, who he said believe that speaks for all applicants.

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Decreased the number of well-paid jobs in Mexico




The wages of workers earning more than three wages (up to 15,000 pesos) minimum decreased in a year, going from 9.38 million in the fourth quarter of 2018 to 6.98 million in the same period last year, i.e. a decrease of 2.4 million people, according to the National Survey of Occupation and Employment (ENOE), Inegi.

During the first quarter of last year, the Rate of Critical Conditions of Occupation stood at 17.9% of the employed population, for the second quarter this amounted to 19% and, for the third, 19.5%; at the close of the year it is placed in 19.4%, according to figures from the ENOE.

The number of people with formal employment who earns less than three minimum wages rebounded in the past year, going from 33.7 million to 38.7 million, that is to say, 5 million more in the lower segment of income.

That way, the participation of this groupand / or spent 62.2% of the employed population at the close of 2018 to 69.5% at the end of the last year.

According to the Inegi, the percentage of the population that has the need and availability of bid more work time than your current occupation will demand, came to 7.8% in the fourth quarter of 2019.

This is the highest figure since the second quarter of 2016. In this way, the number of subocupados amounted to 4.3 million people by the end of last year, 16.8% more than those reported in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Among the entities with the greatest subocupación are Oaxaca, with a rate of 15.1% of its population; Colima, 14.3%; Tabasco, 13.7%; Zacatecas, 13%; Baja California Sur, 12.8%; Guanajuato, 12.7%, and Nayarit, 12.6%. The states with the lowest level were Querétaro, 2%; Aguascalientes, 2.2%; Baja California, 2.3%, and Morelos, 2.8%.

These problems of low wages and the subocupación tend to be expanded due to the population employed in the informal sector does not decrease, on the contrary increases slowly.

The problem of the critical conditions of employment are pronfundiza if we analyze the population by level of income; the workers who earn less are the same that have longer working hours.

By 2019, 30% of those working days 49 to 56 hours per week perceive a maximum of two minimum wages per month (6,160 pesos) and are also 29% of the working days exceed 56 hours per week.

Another labour indicators that showed a decline in material and labour during this period was the Rate of Partial employment and Unemployment, that includes all mexicans, or are unemployed or are employed partially. That is to say, who do not have jobs or who have certain occupations, non-formal, which add up to less than 15 hours of work per week.

The labor informality, one of the issues most important market for mexican labor, showed an improvement in the last ten years. The concentrate of informal workers shrank from 60% at the end of 2009 to 56.2% at the end of 2019.

The majority of informal workers do not have social security systems, tax, employee benefits, contracts established and may not even have access to health institutions.

Even with the advancement in the reduction of informality in Mexico still 56 out of every 100 workers, more than half, is under these conditions.

The problem is intensified for workers with low levels of income. By ejemplo, during the 2019 60% of workers who perceived a maximum of two minimum salaries per month do not have any social benefit. That proportion was 48% six years ago.

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The CJNG has a presence in five municipalities of CDMX: they would be following the band of “Canchola”




The “success” for many years in the security strategy in the City of Mexico has settled on looking the other way, and attach the drug to the periphery. Live thinking that cartels will not stain areas of the mexican capital.

However, the criminals of the Cartel Jalisco New Generation are able to walk by the municipalities most emblematic with assault rifles and kill several people. The above was identified through an investigation of the office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic and the local (FGJCDMX), as cited by El Universal.

In the document, it was disclosed that he detected five cells of the criminal organization led by Nemesio Oseguera “El Mencho, who work independently in the local Gustavo A. Madero, Cuauhtémoc, Alvaro Obregón, Cuajumalpa and Germany and are spreading their tentacles to Miguel Hidalgo and Benito Juárez.

Despite the fact that in the beginning the CJNG had alliances with The Union Tepito, the Cartel of Tláhuac and even The Anti-Union Tepito, now, and after that the arrests and discouragements of several of their leaders weakened the structures of these criminal groups, the killers of the Mencho were taking over the streets of the capital to such a degree as to begin to eliminate their former allies.

The report also describes that as the authorities, the main objective of the Cartel Jalisco New Generation is the band of The Canchola, which operates in Álvaro Obregón.

The Canchola ‘s are a criminal group led by Lenin Jonathan Canchola, a former inmate who has been imprisoned on at least two occasions. Local and federal authorities know that you have to control dozens of individuals who dedicate themselves to distribute drugs, commit levantones, extortions and killings.

The band operates and is kept in the office of the mayor Álvaro Obregón; however, it has managed to expand to Cuajimalpa, Tlalpan, and most recently at the Countess.

Among the crimes that have been attributed to the people of Lenin is located to the killing of DJ Mr. Zamora, who vanished from a bar in the Condesa, and was found without life in Álvaro Obregón.

The researches point out that the Cartel Jalisco New Generation stormed into the City of Mexico in 2017, after their alliance with the Anti-Union Tepito, which at that time was led by Jorge Flores Concha, aka “The Cake”, now a prisoner in the correctional institution East.

According to the reports, everything points to this capo asked for support to deal with his main rival, Roberto Mollado Esparza, “El Betito”, at that time leader of The Union Tepito.

The CJNG and “The Cakes” committed several murders in the first circle of the tepiteño, being those of Jalisco in charge of supplying weapons of thick caliber, bullets, drugs and Anti-Union.

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