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The CJNG has a presence in five municipalities of CDMX: they would be following the band of “Canchola”



The “success” for many years in the security strategy in the City of Mexico has settled on looking the other way, and attach the drug to the periphery. Live thinking that cartels will not stain areas of the mexican capital.

However, the criminals of the Cartel Jalisco New Generation are able to walk by the municipalities most emblematic with assault rifles and kill several people. The above was identified through an investigation of the office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic and the local (FGJCDMX), as cited by El Universal.

In the document, it was disclosed that he detected five cells of the criminal organization led by Nemesio Oseguera “El Mencho, who work independently in the local Gustavo A. Madero, Cuauhtémoc, Alvaro Obregón, Cuajumalpa and Germany and are spreading their tentacles to Miguel Hidalgo and Benito Juárez.

Despite the fact that in the beginning the CJNG had alliances with The Union Tepito, the Cartel of Tláhuac and even The Anti-Union Tepito, now, and after that the arrests and discouragements of several of their leaders weakened the structures of these criminal groups, the killers of the Mencho were taking over the streets of the capital to such a degree as to begin to eliminate their former allies.

The report also describes that as the authorities, the main objective of the Cartel Jalisco New Generation is the band of The Canchola, which operates in Álvaro Obregón.

The Canchola ‘s are a criminal group led by Lenin Jonathan Canchola, a former inmate who has been imprisoned on at least two occasions. Local and federal authorities know that you have to control dozens of individuals who dedicate themselves to distribute drugs, commit levantones, extortions and killings.

The band operates and is kept in the office of the mayor Álvaro Obregón; however, it has managed to expand to Cuajimalpa, Tlalpan, and most recently at the Countess.

Among the crimes that have been attributed to the people of Lenin is located to the killing of DJ Mr. Zamora, who vanished from a bar in the Condesa, and was found without life in Álvaro Obregón.

The researches point out that the Cartel Jalisco New Generation stormed into the City of Mexico in 2017, after their alliance with the Anti-Union Tepito, which at that time was led by Jorge Flores Concha, aka “The Cake”, now a prisoner in the correctional institution East.

According to the reports, everything points to this capo asked for support to deal with his main rival, Roberto Mollado Esparza, “El Betito”, at that time leader of The Union Tepito.

The CJNG and “The Cakes” committed several murders in the first circle of the tepiteño, being those of Jalisco in charge of supplying weapons of thick caliber, bullets, drugs and Anti-Union.

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The Real Madrid evens against Celtic Vigo in the Bernabeu




The Real Madrid jumps at the Santiago Bernabeu with the need to win against Celta de Vigo to maintain the difference of three units with their single escort, Barcelona, Saturday overcame a 2-1 defeat of Getafe.

As the whole visitor is one of the worst teams in the contest, is in the relegation zone just one point above Espanyol and Leganes, seemed like a commitment simple for the white box, but it was not so.

The Celta de Vigo is placed in advantage to 7, minutes in an attack that seemed not dangerous. Iago Aspas received without a brand name, behind the backs of flyers on the local computer in the middle of the pitch, turned and attended to Smolov, who won the position to Varane, without too much effort, did a control-oriented and defined with the inner side of the right foot to the second pole.

Real Madrid reacted and created some goal situations. Was to Hazard very active, unlike Bale, who with a shot from the middle distance did look at the archer rival, but in general was disconnected from their peers. Casemiro was another of those who tried were surprised with a shot far away, but it was diverted

In the snap, the Real Madrid tipped off three minutes what would happen later. It was Sergio Ramos who has captured a center to the area and he cried, and the 1-to-1, but the VAR overturned the action out of the game. Five minutes later, when they were able to spin the ball from right to left, until you get to Marcelo, who overflowed and launched a centre back for Toni Kroos, who does not forgive and marked the draw.

The belgian Eden Hazard returns to walk on the grass, after 82 days, and is the great novelty of the team of Zinedine Zidane, in addition, left out by technical decision to Nacho Fernández, colombian James Rodriguez, Lucas Vázquez, the brazilian Rodrygo and Brahim Diaz. The list of summoned the integrated Courtois, Areola, Toni Fuidias, Dani Carvajal, Militão, Sergio Ramos, Varane, Mendy, Marcelo, Casemiro, Valverde, Kroos, Modric, Isco, Hazard, Bale, Vinicius, Benzema and Jovic.

The picture of Zidane tries to add its sixth consecutive victory in the tournament league to not lose their advantage, and for that return to show their strength back and effectiveness up front. Reaches a threat to the level of Iago Aspas, the real commander of the hopes of the box vigo, reinforced greatly by the victory in extremis against Sevilla.

Although it has been thirteen years without a win in the League at the Bernabeu, the hopes of the Celtic go through to be bold, successful occasions that have and strong to curb attackers to madridistas. That first triumph under the baton of Oscar Garcia has returned his confidence. Your technician does not hide the options to succeed in the capital are presumed to be the white attack, that’s why he meditates to recover the line of three power plants that already used, with success, in the Camp Nou and Mestalla. To this contributes the recovery of the central Jeison Murillo, who had just injured the last duel league.

The colombian would be next to Araujo and Aidoo in the center of the shaft, with Kevin Vazquez, who returns after fulfilling cycle of cards, and Lucas Olaza on the side. Ahead, Okay Yokuslu is fixed in the double pivot; and the Croatian Bradaric, bracing winter that already had minutes against Sevilla, could be released as a holder. If the technician sky bet for that 5-3-2, Rafinha would complete the midfield, with Iago Aspas and Smolov in the line of attack.


STADIUM: Santiago Bernabeu.

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Died the actress from Disney Nikita Walingwa




Nikita Pearl Walingwa, who participated as an actress in the Disney film “The queen of Katwe (Queen of Katwe, 2016)”, passed away at the age of 15 by a brain tumor, reported this Sunday the local media.

The young man, who had managed to overcome a cancer diagnosed when he was twelve years old, has died in hospital in the capital, ugandan, Kampala, TMR International, due to a tumor in that area affected by the cancer. His family stated to be going for a “pain strenuous.”

The young she played Gloria in the film “queen of Katwe” (“Queen of Katwe”), a film based on the true story of the chess player Phiona Mutesi, who started in the sport at nine years of age, with barely any support, and managed to compete in major international tournaments.

The director of the film, Mira Nair, already asked for help to get money for his cancer treatment in 2016, and that the small could be moved to India.

Glory, his character, was a friend of the protagonist, played by Madina Nalwanga, who explains to him the rules of chess.

“The queen of Katwe” was attended with the performance of the kenyan Lupita’nyong or as the mother of the protagonist, and britain’s David Oyelowo as a teacher of chess.

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The harsh accusations of the brother destitute of Meghan Markle




The wife of prince Harry left the royals, got her husband and their son Archie to do the same. Together they try to get out of the focus of public. Escape to the criticism that so badly you have done in the past few years… but Meghan Markle haunted by the scandals.

Now, his half-brother Tom Markle caught the front pages of the newspapers to do the same thing that the father of both: criticize harshly.

Tom, who has 53 years, and became homeless after losing his job and end up with his wife, was lapidary: “you Should take care of his own instead of focusing on so many activities of charity”. The dart was an expression of his disappointment, the feeling of abandonment he feels by his half-sister.

“I am a homeless person and could have been under a bridge with a sign out of cardboard asking for money,” said Tom Markle in a statement to The Sun. “While all this was going on with me, to me that I am his family, she sat on his pedestal real… Should have done your humanitarian work with us.”

Tom also criticized the decision of his sister to leave their actual responsibilities. “I think that getting to that position (the royalty) it is a great honor for anyone in the entire world, is probably one of the greatest achievements of life,” he said by what he called “insulting” their decision to abandon the Queen.

The explosive statements of the brother of the duchess of Sussex are in line with those of his father, weeks ago, that also lashed out at his daughter depart from Buckingham Palace. “She and Harry are turning to the Royal Family in a Walmart with a crown, me ashamed”, he shot Thomas Markle. And added lapidary: “This is not the girl I grew up”.

When they married, they took on an obligation, and the obligation is to be part of the royalty, and to represent royalty. And it would be foolish not to make”, said obfuscated the father of Meghan, who misses no opportunity to criticize his daughter.

The distance between the two is known and the fans of Thomas to appear before the cameras ventilating an intimacy that are uncomfortable to the duchess.

“This is one of the oldest institutions. Are destroying, are becoming more affordable, the are wearing… should not be doing this”, he was much displeased his father on TV. “All the young girls want to become princesses and she got it, and now is pulling that… it seems that you are throwing it for money,” said the father of the duchess. “Apparently, $ 3 million and a house of 26 rooms is not enough for them… it’s a bit embarrassing for me’.

As it happened with the father, the half-brother of Meghan was not at the wedding. The relationship between the two is non-existent but, while she makes of account that does not exist, the two of them take every opportunity to critricarla.

The Queen asked Harry and Meghan attend one last event as part of the royalty: the annual service of the Commonwealth. The event is being held on the 9th of march and will participate the representatives of the governments of the 53 member nations that will gather in the Westminster Abbey.

Apparently Harry and Meghan already accepted, so that the monarch launched its plan to overcome the Megxit. It is the gesture that requires the queen is not only make a presence, involves an extra effort: show up with William and Kate.

Isabel wants all his family to show a “united front” on the 9th of march, confirmed a source to Us Weekly

Several months ago is speaking of the evil that carried Harry and Meghan with William and Kate. How the new reality of Harry broke off his relationship with his fraternal with William. And how Meghan and Kate can’t even be… The king knows of these rumors, and he knows first hand the relationship of grandchildren and their partners, but it is not willing to pamper you.

“The Queen expects everyone to agree when Harry returns to London in march, although there is still tension behind closed doors,” the source said.

The ceremony in Westminster Abbey will be the first public appearance of the brothers since Harry left the real life to seeking “financial independence” in Canada with Meghan Markle.

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