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They denounce that the regime of Maduro trafficked and sold gold in Switzerland to be financed



The illegal extraction of gold and its subsequent smuggling has become one of the only sources of funding for the regime of Nicholas Maduro in Venezuela. Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Uganda are some of the known destinations. And this Thursday, a report from the chain switzerland Radio Television Suisse said that the european country is also a member of that list. In addition, he stated that it is suspected that different local banks-Compagnie Bancaire Helvétique and Credit Suisse – washed money from high officials of the dictatorship.

The report indicates that Switzerland also has links indirect with the gold illegal. To substantiate his assertion, he made reference to two events: the first took place in may of 2019, when british authorities intercepted a private plane that had departed from the caribbean country and had made a stopover in the Cayman Islands. Ensured that the loading, 104 kg of gold illegal, and with a value of approximately 5 million mark francs (USD 5.1 million), had been bought by a swiss citizen.

The second, meanwhile, occurred in February of 2019. At that time, an official aircraft of the regime landed in Zurich with gold illegal, according to allegations of the opposition. However, to be protected by his diplomatic status, the aircraft was not registered, and continued on the way to Abu Dhabi.

The report indicated in another passage that Switzerland is able to process the gold that would come from Venezuela, considering it has 4 of the 6 largest refineries in the world, which they drive between 60 and 70 percent of the gold on the planet.

The report comes two weeks after president-in-charge, John Guaidó, to meet with various heads of State and senior european officials in the framework of his international tour. There she reiterated her call for the European Union that catalogue to gold as “gold blood” to prevent “funded paraestado”.

The EU has sanctioned to top officials and blocked the sale of weapons, but does not have a specific ban on the trade of gold venezuelan. The united states, for its part, has imposed sanctions on trade in gold in the caribbean country.

Throughout the 2019 there were many cases that took state public and cast light on the practice: in addition to the case in the United Kingdom, in June, there were others in march and July, respectively.

In march, the regime succeeded in transferring the ingots to a refinery in Uganda, as confirmed by the environment after consultation with officials of Venezuela, and Uganda, to a foreign diplomat and legislators venezuelans of the opposition. According to the reconstruction, 2 march, a Boeing 777 owned by a charter company in russia, Nordwind Airlines, landed in Entebbe at 6:35 after takeoff for more than 13 hours before Caracas. The police and the private security gathered at the track to receive the load of the aircraft, not carrying passengers, according to the account of a witness who witnessed its arrival.

In July, meanwhile, a “significant amount” of gold ingots was seized at the airport Princess Juliana in Sint Maarten (Dutch part of the island of Saint Martin), in a private plane from Venezuela, as reported by the police of Sint Maarten.

The pilot of the aircraft, co-pilot and several other people suspected of money laundering, were interrogated. The documents of the gold were not in order and the ingot and the plane were confiscated, said the security body.

As for the smuggling that takes place on a regular basis is expanded investigative journalist Lisseth Boon, who at a forum on illegal mining in Venezuela organized in December by the Atlantic Council, a think tank located in Washington D. C, explained that “non-profit organizations estimate that an average of 80 tons of gold per year are leaking from Venezuela, for rough road, without any kind of accountability”.

In turn, he explained that the routes of smuggling have two destinations: the Islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao, in the caribbean and, by land, through the borders with Colombia and Brazil. According to figures from Transparency Venezuela, 30 per cent of the gold production is allocated to these purposes.

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The romantic side of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and his girlfriend Fernanda Gómez




Despite keeping their relationship away from the spotlight, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez took advantage of this day of Valentine’s day to share a romantic postcard in your account of Instagram with his girlfriend and mother of his third daughter, Fernanda Gomez.

Pictured are the mexican boxer and her partner embraced in a heavenly beach, whose location they decided to keep in secret, accompanied by the phrase “Happy day for all”, which has to date received more than 655 thousand likes and more than 190 comments with congratulations from her fans.

In the same way, Fernanda corresponded to this display of affection with another image posted on the same social network that shows “Canelo” holding in their arms the beautiful guadalajara, while she hugs him and both facing the camera, making evident the great love that unites them.

It is worth mentioning that recently the fighter began to follow on Instagram to their wedding, which has attracted much attention. However, it is not the first time that published their adventures together, because if something have in common is their passion for travel. And is that have enjoyed unforgettable holidays in destinations such as Dubai, Thailand, The Bahamas, and the Maldives Islands.

Also, last February 11, She released another endearing moment with his family, this time during the recent celebration of the birthday of his daughter, Maria Fernanda, who graciously consented to as a princess. For such a special day the proud parents had prepared a feast inspired by the Swan Lake, and even the small Mafer, as he is called fondly, became a dancer.

A second chance at their Love story

Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Fernanda Gómez is a model that had already occupied the heart of the multi-champion of boxing.

However, the couple split in the spring of 2017, and Saul began a relationship with the also colombian model Shannon de Lima, former spouse of singer Marc Anthony. At the same time She announced that she was pregnant.

In mid-December, Fernanda gave birth in a private hospital in Los Angeles to Maria Fernanda, although never officially proclaimed the identity of the father.

A month later, he shared the first photo of their baby and wrote in his account of Instagram: “Already nearly a month in the most beautiful present he has given to me God and life I LOVE YOU my baby María Fernanda Álvarez Gómez”.

In October 2017, the ratio of “Canelo” and Shannon was cool and ended up dating. The rumors of a possible reconciliation between the boxer and Fernanda did not wait.

It was until July 2019 when Fernanda shared a new image of Saul embracing his daughter, revealing that they were back together.

Today there is no longer any doubt that the couple is taking their relationship, and apparently are very much in love.

A champion inside and outside the ring

Once again “El Canelo” showed his empathy with the social causes, now in pro of the children suffering from cancer, in his native Jalisco.

Through Twitter, the association Red Nose BC he asked for the support to the athlete, who did not hesitate to answer the call.

“Friend Canelo: you’ve helped a lot and today we need you more than ever to purchase medicine for children with cancer. Help us with your donation. We’re going to beat the cancer again. Thanks, champ”, was the publication of the association, which said the world boxing champion in four different categories.

“Yes, gladly. Now I tell them to talk with you to see what they need,” said the professional of 29 years, all of this through his official Twitter account.

This is not the first time that Alvarez empathizes with these causes, because in 2017, supported the victims of the earthquakes suffered in the centre of the country. Above, also with a Red Nose and helped in the construction of a hostel.

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Launched by the femicide of Ingrid Escamilla ended with claims of justice




A group of women from this Friday carried out a series of acts of protest for the murder of Ingrid Escamilla and the publication of the photos of femicide in the media set fire to a truck on the outskirts of the newspaper Press, which require the directors to offer a public apology.

Feminist groups joined the protest in both the case of Ingrid as well as by all the femicides that have occurred and the lack of response that the state has shown. The first stop was the National Palace, at 6:00 hours, where women protested and threw paint at the door Mariana, and to represent the blood of women who have been murdered for the simple fact of their gender.

During the press conference, the demonstrators made pints with phrases such as “your silence is complicit”, “they are killing us”, “president ” indifferent,” “no more femicides” and many more, in which they ask the government for concrete actions to combat this violence.

Also raised posters with the names of some of the women who have been victims of femicide and their families have not received a response. As is the case of Diana Velázquez, Florencio. “Two years of impunity,” said the blanket. Later, around noon, a group of feminists that are covered by the iconic scarf green (which is the symbol of support for abortion), is found in the newspaper Reforma, where he met with the director of the newspaper Metro, Alex Castle.

“We want to make a call to society for once and for all stop sharing that type of content, to stop profiting from the woman’s body that way. This is one of our main demands, make an appeal to society in general. A means you can publish the note, I understand that you have diffusion, but it is not possible that as a society we are so rotten, is not possible. The freedom of expression is a right that we have had and how journalists give voice, we need to not only reach and publicar a content for which my note is sold the most. It is an error of the prosecutor’s office to filter the photos and data, but it is even worse the fact that the journalists are spreading”, they noted.

After 16:00 hours, the mobilization was moved to the “Antimoumenta”, which is located in front of the Palace of Fine Arts and where they found about 200 women. There was read the commitment letter that was published on the front page of the newspaper The Press.

Both Fine Arts, as the Hemicycle to Juárez were already shielded and protected by elements of the Secretariat of Citizen Security.

While in the School of Journalism Carlos Septién, where there were numerous allegations of sexual harassment by teachers to students, a group put posters, made pints and even broke a door.

A contingent of around 80 women came to the vicinity of The Press and then set fire to a pickup truck that is part of the journal. In those moments, the police maintained a fence on the premises.

Men who were hooded and dressed in black, managed to infiltrate the deepest of the march and began making pints and break the glass of a car white which was near the daily Press.

There are many men here, and I have told you in a thousand ways that do not because they are the ones that we murder and we rape,” said a protester who claimed that he had both men, women infiltrated.

In addition to this, there was discomfort because there were reporters men who were covering the march, when they asked the media to explicitly send their female reporters.

The police tried to disperse the march using tear gas, and several women had breathing problems due to what the slogans against the uniformed, began. After, they tried to contain the march by encapsulating women, who moments later pulled out of the facilities of the print medium.

After these events, the mobilization he walked down the central lanes of Paseo de la Reforma in the direction of the Angel of Independence. Upon arriving, they launched slogans for the increase of femicides.

Once again, a fight is detected, when a woman tried to take away the protection of the police.

Meanwhile, Nasheli Ramirez, president of the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City stated that there was excess on the part of the police, because the use of the fire extinguisher and tear gas was an exaggeration.

He added that the men who infiltrated the march were not identified as part of a group in specific.

Minutes before 20:00 hours, the march dissipated. The police managed to disperse the protesters, but not before they perform a few pints in the protection of the Angel.

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Bernie Sanders denounced the homophobic attacks against his opponent in the democratic primary, Pete Buttigieg




Senator Bernie Sanders on Friday denounced the “outrageous” homophobic attacks launched against his opponent democrat Pete Buttigieg on the part of a famous radio announcer, close to the american president Donald Trump.

Figure of the sphere conservative american Rush Limbaugh mocked on Wednesday the former mayor of South Bend (Indiana) to refer to him as “this gay guy 37-year-old hugs her husband on stage.”

In addition, according to CNN, Limbaugh said that “the U.S. is not ready to have a president gay”, referring to the applicant a democrat.

These statements had even more impact because it came a few days after a tribute that Trump gave to the announcer. During his speech on the State of the Union address before the full Congress, last week, the President gave Limbaugh the “Medal of Freedom”, the highest civilian honour the country, and thanked him for his “decades of dedication” to the united States.

“As candidates we have disagreements, but personal attacks like these are unacceptable”, said Bernie Sanders.

“The comments homophobic Rush Limbaugh on Pete Buttigieg are outrageous and offensive. Together, we will end the divisions and the hatred sown by Donald Trump,” he added.

Pete Buttigieg did not respond directly to the attacks of the animator to be conservative. On Thursday, during a meeting with several of his voters in Las Vegas, simply limited himself to say: “I’m proud of my marriage; I am proud of my husband.”

Also on Thursday, Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, Tom Stir, and Pete Buttigieg urged latino voters to defeat president Donald Trump in the November elections near and put an end to its “disastrous” policies in a meeting organized in Las Vegas by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC).

The forum brought together the democrats to talk about issues of interest to the almost half a million latinos were eligible to vote in Nevada in the caucus the next day 22.

Sanders is the favorite nationwide among latinos, with 30% of voting intentions, ahead of the 22% of Joe Biden and 11% for Elizabeth Warren, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center. The senator from Vermont intervened through video conference and he was emphatic when highlighting the need to unite against Trump.

“No matter who wins the nomination to candidacy as a democrat, we’ll all work together in a common effort to which Donald Trump does not pass a first mandate,”said Sanders, who he said believe that speaks for all applicants.

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