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From the early days of his turbulent career the course withdrawal: the revelations that Veronica Castro did to Galilea Montijo



After its resounding success by starring in the house of The flowers for Netflix and the controversy it faced last year for holding an alleged affair with Yolanda Andrade, actress Veronica Castro opened up his heart to talk with Galilea Montijo and tell him about the adversities that he has faced since he decided to become an actress, as well as to retract to leave the scenarios.

The face of soap operas as The right to be born and The rich also cry confessed that it took 15 years to get a starring role on television. His major obstacle was its beauty, as the producers did not believe that could emerge in the artistic environment.

“Many, many times (he was denied a role). What is happening is that people that had a good face or a good physicist, it was very difficult to work as a good actress. What was father is that Emilio won the bet, because there was a bet between Emilio with all the producers that I was not going to be able to”, mentioned the first actress to the driver that was just released as an image on the news portal Latinus.

The beauty was not well seen nor accepted on tv or in the theater. One had to prove a lot, so that I spent in the corridor 15 years, was the wildcard for 15 years to give me the opportunity of the star,” added the ojiverde.

Veronica added that he began his career as one of the protagonists of the ramirez and later incorporated as the program image Tv haha of Manuel “El Loco” Valdez. Shortly after it was launched as the “Face of the year” by the Herald of Mexico, that was what catapulted him to national fame.

His step by the driving started in the program of the daddy of Cristian Castro, Manuel “El Loco” Valdez. In the broadcast of Televisa, Veronica was the picture of business, what drove her to prepare to obtain your license announcer, encourager and conductor.

“A microphone is a deadly weapon, is a lethal weapon, there are people who becomes a murderer, the language is terrible because by the mouth the fish dies and we’ll all die. You can lift a person up to heaven and you can just throw away. That is why today they say so many outrages and so much disrespect,” he said.

On his controversial retirement from the showbiz, Veronica mentioned that she thought of moving away from their profession because in their life they spent many difficult things, such as the illness of her mother: “fame is a piece of shit, I never served for nothing, and the wool not interested”.

Said he does not think about forming a life partner, besides that never had any interest in marriage.

The scandals of Cristian

The actress and host said that her oldest son, Cristian Castro has a very different behavior to that displayed in front of the cameras.

“He has fun and it all takes it as a joke, also says something very true: ‘if you don’t loose something so fun or funny or hot to the journalists, then what is the joke and what they are going to talk and then not going to give you to eat and give them a bit’,” confessed the former host of Big Brother.

“This is a loony. I think that came out to your dad, because I am mad, but not so much”, added the driver.

Veronica said that yes you suffer every time you uncover a new scandal for the singer, who can disconnect from all media and ignore the rumors about his life.

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The US reported the third case of coronavirus




Authorities of u.s. health reported this Friday, in the third case of coronavirus transmitted to a person not traveled or was in direct contact with others who you know are infected, giving an account of the expansion of the disease in the country.

After confirmations that two women are treated for the virus in California, local authorities reported a new case of unknown origin in neighboring Oregon, also on the west coast of the country. It is believed that the patient, an adult who has been hospitalized, has had contact with people in an elementary school.

The director of the Health Authority, Oregon, Patrick Allen, however, said to journalists that the case is considered “alleged”, while waiting for the confirmation of the test results from the Centers for Control and Prevention of Diseases, an agency of the Department of Health.

“We’ve been waiting for this and we are prepared for it,” said Allen.

Authorities said the elementary school will be closed until 4 march, to do a deep cleaning. With the latest reports, the cases of the new coronavirus in the country totaling more than 60, including 46 persons who were repatriated from abroad.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported Friday that it increased to “very high” threat of the novel coronavirus, which has contaminated approximately 79,000 people in China and most of 4,350 in the rest of the world.

“Now we have increased our assessment of risk of spread and risk of impact of the COVID-19 to a very high level in all the world”, announced the director general of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, in a press conference.

The new coronavirus has caused 2.865 dead in all the world, of which 2.788 correspond to mainland China, where it declared the epidemic to the end of December. In the rest of the planet, they are affected 54 countries.

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To 80 years to be all the rage in the academy awards, the secrets of “gone with the wind”, the highest grossing movie of the history




On the 29th of February are met 80 years of the day in the movie What the wind swept the Oscars, winning 8 of the 13 nominations that had, and be two special awards handed out by the Academy of motion picture Arts and Sciences of the united States.

The film won as Best film, Best director (Victor Fleming), Best adapted screenplay (awarded as prize posthumously to Sidney Howard, who died six months before the ceremony), Best actress (Vivien Leigh), Best supporting actress (Hattie McDaniel, becoming the first actress from a black to win an Oscar), Best cinematography, Best art Direction and Best editing, in Addition, took two awards honorary: a special one to William Cameron Menzies for his use of color to enhance the drama, and the other to the production, by praising the technical achievements, to Don Musgrave and Selznick International Pictures.

Clarke Gable was nominated as Best actor but lost the award in the hands of Robert Donat, for Goodbye, Mr Chips.

The film, an adaptation of the homonymous novel by Margaret Mitchell, winner of the pulitzer Prize winners in 1936, had a long road of production, conflicts and scandals to become the film’s most successful story.

Broke several records and became a legend since its premiere, on 15 December 1939 at the Loews Grand Theatre in Atlanta. It was the most expensive film in terms of his shooting, not sparing no expense, even in number of actors: 50 artists, with a script and a few 2400 extras. In addition, it introduced important advances in the technique and became the highest-grossing of the cinematic story, whether it fits your collection to the current inflation.

The premiere was so anticipated that the governor of Georgia declared a “bank holiday” throughout the state so that the whole city could go to see the movie. In addition, the city of Atlanta, a city that has great prominence in the film, organized a three-day festival, where they asked citizens to dress up in period costumes.

Its producer, David O. Selznick -one of the most important in the history of cinema-, promoted the film since he got the script, but took two years to implement the project. According to rumors of the time, Selznick brought together the top 12 writers in a room, where they worked tirelessly with the novel until you get the final script.

After its premiere, part of the critique described it as “devoid of drama and of excessive duration”, though the views more series of sound bites emphasized in his historical revisionism by highlighting slavery. Despite having been labelled racist, the film contributed to the way in which the characters of black are presented in the film. But the most controversial happened on the day of its premiere, when -between the entire cast is present- there is noticed the absence of the actresses african-american, Hattie McDaniel and Butterfly McQueen, who gave life to the maidservants of the family O’hara, Mammy and Prissy. The laws of the time imposed racial segregation in public places.

Months later, Hattie McDaniel would be the Oscar Award as best supporting actress. Despite the recognition, the artist was forced to sit at a separate table during the delivery. The climb to the stage -from where he came to a room continuous to the main-, the actress promised to be “an example for his race”, before bursting into tears in front of those present.

The shoot was plagued with setbacks, passing in the direction of the film by various hands, with constant changes in script and with a complicated relationship between the main protagonists. George Cukor was the director initially chosen by the producer David O. Selznick, but from the start they both had disagreements over the script of the film and on the pace of shooting, which Selznick wanted to speed up. Within three weeks of its start, Cukor withdrew from the project, and Victor Fleming was elected to replace him, but due to various health problems he was replaced temporarily by other filmmakers.

However, a strong version stated that Gable was responsible for the departure of George Cukor, who had told he was gay. The actor would have requested that this role be filled by his friend -Fleming-, “a manager of men”. Even, it was noted that the order of the actor is due to the fact that during his youth would have worked in the Hollywood “gigolo”, having offered their services to William Haines, a friend of Cukor.

The film was a massive casting that lasted for two years in search of the “perfect woman of the south”. For the choice of the protagonist, Scarlett o’hara, there were more than 1400 women, among which were some of the performers most important of the time. It was the first casting mass and open the story, and cost about 100 thousand dollars. However, the chosen one was Vivien Leigh, a british actress unknown, which for many became an unexpected surprise to have managed to rise to the role most desired of all America.

The confusion and the long wait to start shooting the film led to Selznick, soon convinced, to decide in the first instance by Paulette Goddard, partner by then Charlie Chaplin. Goddard returned to perform a test of cameras to convince definitely the producer. So great was the nervousness generated by the two-year wait, that the production began to film some scenes without the main character. Finally, when it seemed all ready for the start of the film, Selznick met Leigh and it was decided by her, carrying the public and the criticism of the bewilderment all.

The relationship between the actors during the shooting of the film would not have been too friendly; between Gable and Leigh only had a professional respect. One of the conflicts presented in the film was the refusal of Gable appear crying on the screen. The actor, heartthrob par excellence in Hollywood of that time, threatened to abandon the project at the request of the director, in the scene where the character of Melanie comforts him for the loss of the baby that he hoped Scarlett. Was actress Olivia de Havilland, who managed to convince him

Despite the success that he has generated in his life to get in the skin of Scarlett O’hara and receive the nickname of “the most beautiful woman in Hollywood, Vivien Leigh had a life sad and stormy. He lived a childhood solitary: his parents decided to place her in a convent in England at six years of age, and went to live in India. Four years later reappeared in her life and visited once a year, until you remove it from the place when the girl was 13 years old. Her love life had several romances intermittent, leading her to a deep depression, which took away from the film sets. Finally, a tuberculosis ended with his life, with barely 53 years.

Vivien Leigh took five times less that Gable in more than double of days of shooting, and half of what the cost of the rights to the novel, for which was paid $ 50,000, a record figure for the time.

What the wind meant a change of paradigms. With trials and errors, he managed to be positioned as a historical reference point, that -80 years later – remains the absolute protagonist of the film industry.

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Coronavirus: this is the device most-sought-to prevent a contagion




After that is confirmed the first two cases of coronavirus in Mexico, in some areas of the country have been presented shopping panic of face cloths or face masks. However, the use of these objects makes no sense if a person is not infected , or has had contact with carriers of the virus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC for its acronym in English) does not recommend the use of any kind of mask or face cloths. To mention that your use of these items must only be in very special cases.

The Health authorities recommend the population to take extreme precautions and cleaning habits to reduce the risk of infection such as: washing hands frequently with soap and water, covering mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing with a handkerchief , or in its absence, with the inner side of the elbow, not touching the eyes with dirty hands, avoid the crowded places and reduce the contact with other people, among others.

But if people insist on using face cloths or face masks, here are a few features of both devices.

Your name in the field of health care is the surgical masks. These are not considered devices of respiratory protection, since they do not filter out particles from the air and create an airtight seal of protection, but do protect against particles more large, liquid spills, splashings and aerosols. Its use is rather of prevention and reduction of exposure to saliva and secretions that could contain pathogens. The mask does not protect against the spread of the coronavirus.

The best way to prevent the spread of coronavirus is use the N95 mask, a type of mask is a disposable inhaling a device filters out the suspended particles in the air, which includes to bacteria, dust and viruses, so that you can say that it is an “air purifier”. Serves to filter at least 95% of particles of high concentration, hence its name. however, it does not have the capacity of filtering oils and other liquids.

How are these masks?

There are two types: one has a valve and decreases the sensacíón of sofocamientos having an opening that allows the entry and exit of oxygen. It is disposable and personal use. To discard them is to use a red bag with the symbol of biological hazard, since, after their use becomes contaminated material.

Masks N95 are the personal protective equipment most commonly used in the field of health to prevent the spread of diseases infectious. Any health care worker in direct contact with patients Covid-19 should protect themselves with masks N95, in addition to goggles.

The importance of this type of masks lies in that they create a tight seal against the skin that prevents the passage of particles in the air, including pathogens. Its effectiveness has been proven in particles up to 0.3 microns in diameter and although it has been found that the particles of the Covid-19 measured between 0.05 and 0.2 μm, usually are transmitted by respiratory droplets more than 5 microns and by direct contact of infected secretions.

The National Institute of Respiratory Diseases (INER) recommends that respirators and face cloths should be used only in the risk area and removed when leaving, in addition to should not be placed in any other part of the body. According to some specialized media, your cost per unit in Mexico is around 75 pesos and can be used more than once.

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