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¡¡OMG!! NeNe Leakes Calls Out Wendy Williams: She’s a Rat!



Initially, the talk show host amassed possibly one of the most backlash of her profession after making fun of Joaquin Phoenix’s cleft plate late recently.

Wendy Williams is really having a difficult week.

The polarizing television individuality even issued an uncommon apology in response to the crap she considered claiming something.

Currently, however, Leakes is taking warm not from overall strangers on the web … but from a pretty good pal.

Her name is NeNe Leakes.

As well as below’s what transpired over the last few days:

On Tuesday morning, Williams sat down for an interview with Bravo superfan Jerry O’Connell, disclosing to the star that Leakes was completed with The Genuine Housewives of Atlanta.

Exactly how was she privy to such surprising information?

Williams claimed on air that NeNe herself texted Williams and said just I’m giving up.

” I paused in-between commercials. I had to go to the washroom, so I looked at my phone in between commercials and NeNe texts, ‘I’m giving up,'” claimed Wendy.

” 9:08 today. I marvel I got it due to the fact that I have no service in my office, yet I got it,” she included.

Williams took place to make NeNe’s exclusive messages public, informing O’Connell:

” I understand something about NeNe that you all will certainly cry, be sad, feel bad for her. She’s carrying the weight of a significant point on her shoulders.”

Williams asserted this trick was NOT related to NeNe’s partner wellness, which she (Wendy, that is) “wept” after Leakes shared it with her.

Wendy took place to claim that NeNe’s wellness is fine, as it every little thing with her boys.

” However if she keeps carrying this worry, you recognize what I’m claiming, you recognize just how you carry a secret enough time …” Williams added, trailing off.

” NeNe, you require that platform to explain, that’s all. I’m informing you, NeNe, do not give up! I can not believe I have actually concerned this.”

Williams, of course, has actually made an enduring of trashing other celebrities.

Yet this noted the very first time she ever appeared to call out– in a manner of speaking– her own close buddy.

And also NeNe is clearly angry over it.

Initially, a rep for the Actual Homemakers of Atlanta celebrity connected to TooFab and also said:

” It’s been a particularly hard number of weeks for Nene, as well as she was airing vent to her good friend secretive document. Nothing has been validated or officially determined for following period.”

After that, Leakes herself jumped on Twitter as well as basically knocked Williams for being a rat.

” Private conversations need to be left secretive!” she Tweeted on Wednesday, January 22. “What are sweethearts for if you can’t vent to them on those kinds of days.”

Leakes has been a major presence on the Genuine Homemakers of Atlanta because its launching in 2008.

After appearing in the first seven periods, she attended in Season 8 and avoided Season 9 prior to her Period 10 full-time return.

Will she return following season? We can’t claim right now.

Will she sign the petition that identifies Williams as an awful individual and also asks for her to be terminated?

God, we really hope so.


Confronting Her Abuser Became Part Of Her Healing Process – Jessica Simpson




Actress Jessica Simpson opened up about her healing process after she was sexually abused by a household good friend as a kid.

Simpson claimed it was necessary for her recovery to face her abuser, according to an interview released Wednesday by People publication.

“I needed to confront my abuser,” Simpson told the outlet. “It was extremely painful and still is. It’s still shocking. That little girl in me wanting to do the right thing, not knowing how to stand up for herself and not knowing how to stop it.”

“I felt like a lot of who I am, the character of who I am, was built through the trials and the pain of abuse,” she added. “I allowed it to happen, so I felt that I was as much of the abuser as the abused. So I was very shameful during that time, from 6 to 12 years old.”

“It would start with tickling my back and then go into things that were extremely uncomfortable,” she wrote in her book.

Simpson claimed she didn’t want to “hurt anyone” after the abuse took place.

“I was a preacher’s daughter,” she said. “I was taught to be a virgin until I got married, and so I never wanted to share these sexual things that were happening because I didn’t want to hurt anybody.”

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Bill Gates’ Daughter Engaged!!! Watch her Huge Diamond Ring.




Congratulations to Jennifer Gates and her new fiancé Nayel Nassar. The pair announced on Wednesday that Nassar proposed and Jennifer said yes! They both show off the stunning diamond on Instagram and share it with their fans.

“I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives learning, growing, laughing and loving together. Yes a million times over. AHHH!!!”

“SHE SAID YES!! I’m feeling like the luckiest (and happiest) man in the world right about now,” he said. “Jenn, you are everything I could have possibly imagined..and so much more. I can’t wait to keep growing together through this journey called life, and I simply can’t imagine mine without you anymore. Love you more than you can possibly imagine, and thank you for making every single day feel like a dream to me. Here’s to forever!”

Every one of their friends and also followers congratulated the couple. Including, Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco: “Oh em gee!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!” She wrote for the happy couple.

“New Year’s Day will always be extra special to me—marking both a fresh year and an opportunity to celebrate being married to @thisisbillgates,” Melinda posted. “Today makes 26, and I’m still marveling at just how full a heart can get.
Happy anniversary to the man who keeps me dancing through life.”

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Cameron Diaz Commemorates Motherhood, Celebrations with Drew Barrymore!




On January 3, Cameron Diaz introduced the birth of baby Raddix, stunning and delighted her many followers.

Even if she’s a new mother does not suggest that she doesn’t have time to celebration and pop champagne with a buddy– Drew Barrymore.

RadarOnline records that the longtime buddies and Charlie’s Angels alums were seen partying at the Polo Lounge together.

” Cameron as well as Drew and another lady were being in a booth near the bar,” the expert reveals.

THG Week in Evaluation: That’s So Raddix!
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The spy reveals: “and there was a bucket with champagne in ice alongside them.”

Well, plainly, Cameron has a great deal to celebrate, and also that much better to commemorate by your side than a cherished and also talented good friend.

Certainly, Cameron is a mommy now in addition to being in her mid-forties, so possibly she didn’t seem like staying up in any way hrs of the evening.

” It was early,” the eyewtiness defines, “about 6 p.m.”

The source opines: “They resembled they were having a good time.”

We’re so happy for them that they had the ability to catch up. Numerous brand-new mommies wish that they had the moment as well as childcare resources to do the very same.

Cameron Diaz stunned the globe this month with a surprise announcement that she as well as her husband of five years, Benji Madden, are now moms and dads.

” We are so happy, blessed, and also happy to begin this new years by announcing the birth of our little girl, Raddix Madden,” she wrote on Instagram.

Raddix seems like an awesome game, but does not quite pass the run it by a team of harsh 12-year-old women and see if they can tear it to shreds examination.

Cameron gushed: “She has actually instantly captured our hearts as well as finished our household.”

” While we are tickled to share this information,” Cameron kept in mind, “we additionally really feel a solid impulse to shield our little one’s personal privacy.”

” So we won’t be uploading or sharing anymore information,” she emphasized. Great.

At the very least, Cameron says that she won’t be sharing additional information on her newborn “besides the reality that she is actually charming!!”.

” Some would even claim RAD,” she joked, including a grinning smiley to recognize her goofy word play here.

Drew Barrymore isn’t Cameron’s just friend that enjoys to see her so pleased.

Most of us see Gwyneth Paltrow as either a joke or a snake-oil-peddling menace, but she and also Cameron go back.

” We’re very, extremely ecstatic,” Gwyneth gushed about her buddy’s newfound role as a mother.

She forecasted exactly how Cameron will certainly be as a mom: “She’s mosting likely to be the most effective.”.

Cameron and also Joel completed an expansion on their house last year– which we currently understand to have been to include their growing household.

We can definitely understand why they picked to add to your home as opposed to relocation.

Cameron’s in-laws, Joel Madden (Benji’s twin bro) and also Nicole Richie live simply a little over 100 feet away from your house.

We make sure that they’ll more than happy to babysit, though considered that Cameron is worth an approximated $140 million, she’ll never be lacking in childcare.

We haven’t seen Raddix ourselves yet, yet in the mean time, we can simply presume what she could appear like.

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